Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire

Overview of Counselling


Counselling for Children

Therapeutic Play is a structured and theoretically based approach to therapy that builds upon the normal communication and learning processes of children. Therapists strategically utilize play therapy to help children express what is troubling them when they do not have the verbal language to express their thoughts and feelings.

Counselling for Young People

Person Centred Counselling provides the young person with an approach that is tailored to his/ her own needs. It is a non-directive and supportive approach which requires the client to take an active part in the therapeutic process. The counsellor fosters an environment that is respectful and healing; enabling the young person to feel comfortable to explore their feelings or experiences.

Realtional Family Therapy

In Family Therapy, the counsellor works with the whole family to help them safely explore difficult thoughts, feelings and relationships in order to understand and resolve the problems they are having. Family members gain a greater understanding of the experiences, views and needs of the other family members.

Counselling Supervision

Person Centred Supervision for qualified and trainee counsellors provided by Actualize Wellbeing.

Collaborative supervision that involves supervisor and supervisee(s) engaging together to understand and to explore supervisory material such as the relationship between counsellor and client, ethical issues and the supervisee(s) professional development. This is a joint process and it is understood that each person has something important to bring to the enquiry, for example professional experience, intuition, cognitive understanding, knowledge, wisdom and relationship with the client.or of Services. 

Assessment Appointment

This is an initial appointment where the client can discuss their needs and what they are looking to achieve from counselling. It is an opportunity to discuss costs and commitment, and decide whether this is the appropriate approach or whether a referral to another organisation is necessary.