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Services for Schools

Bespoke Service

Actualize Wellbeing is committed to early intervention as the key to helping children and young people resolve problems before they reach the point of becoming severe. Very often services are difficult to access until the situation has become unmanageable. Offering a school-based counselling makes emotional wellbeing accessible and the referral process quicker. 

Actualize Wellbeing provides:

  • One to One Counselling
  • Group Counselling
  • Play Therapy, Clay Therapy, Lego Therapy & Creative Therapy
  • Staff Support - Training, Supervision & Consultation
  • Fast access to services and early intervention.

A Typical Example of School Provision:

  • The Director of Services to lead and supervise the provision
  • A second counsellor who is appropriately qualified
  • Staff consultation on mental health, emotional wellbeing and counselling
  • End of Term Reports on the outcomes of the counselling sessions

Staff Wellbeing

Staff wellbeing is important in order to reduce burnout and maintain quality of life and care for students. Working with children who are experiencing emotional distress, and some of the behaviours that children can adopt when struggling with their emotions can be challenging both professionally and personally. Actualize Wellbeing offers a support programme for school staff.

We offer a range of CPD courses (see CPD page for current course titles ) for staff meetings of INSET. 



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